AEC-Q101 Low Profile 3A Schottky Diode

AEC-Q101 / ACDBCT3 series

Comchip’s new ACDBCT3 series Schottky diode have a forward current of 3.0A and reverse voltage range of 20V~100V. The surface mount DO-214AB/SMC package is leadless, low profile, with large terminations ideal for high speed surface mount process. It is 58% thinner than a standard DO-214AB/SMC package.  The ACDBCT3 series feature low power loss and high efficiency and is capable of handling high currents. The parts are REACH and RoHS compliant, Halogen-free, and Lead-free.

Artikel-Nummer AEC-Q101 Low Profile 3A Schottky Diode
Gehäuse DO-214AB/SMC package
Hersteller Comchip Technology Co., Ltd.
Temperaturbereich 250°C/10 seconds
Nennspannung 20V~100V
Abmessungen 8.0+/-0.1 x 5.0+/-0.1 x 1.2+/-0.15 mm

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