In TRG Components, we place special emphasis on comprehensive service. No matter if you ever have a question about a product, delivery time or a delivery, we will always be happy to personally. We also support you in your logistics and settlement. If you ever need your components very quickly or on a certain date, give us a note and we'll take care of the rest.With the following services we can help you even in optimally build your applications:

Comprehensive and Competent advice before and after purchase  
  We advise you on all technical issues as well as throughout the process

BOM Analysis & Component Optimizations
  You can decide the components you are using. We offer cheaper crosses

Distribution Management
  We develop together with you the distribution goals.

Fast response and delivery times
  With us you get your answers more quickly. Because we are personally and
  professional available for you

Personal contact
  You have a partner to Support you - even in difficult situations

Individual solutions
  Sometime you have to leave the standard way. With creative ideas we solve
  also your requirement

Congestion Management 
  A bottleneck in the production costs money. Through optimal processes we ensure that
  there is no bottleneck is coming up.

- Quality control
  We inspect all goods before these are delivered

Packaging and Logistic optimization
  Even for smaller quantities or special packaging we always find a solution