Silicon Touch Technology Inc.

Operational Principles under Burgeoning Period: seeking product position, setting up marketing channel.

Dec, 1996

Mission of foundation: To create a R&D environment where advanced analogue ICs would be primary products.

June, 1998

Successfully developed the smallest fan driving IC in the world.

May, 1999

Successfully developed the world-standard constant current LED driver ICs

Oct, 1999

Successful mass production of optical fiber Transceiver ICs Operation principles during Incubation period: developing overseas markets, establishing international brand name

Feb, 2000

Attained USA patent for the brushless fan control IC with total protection features.

Dec, 2000

The fan driver IC for Note Book Computer had reached 30% market shares. Break even this year for the first time.

June, 2002

Further development of transmission technology. Optical fiber transceivers met Japanese standard.

Dec, 2002

LED Dot Matrix driver ICs held a leading position worldwide. In the market of consumer video and sound products, optical fiber transceivers had a 50% market share.

Operational Principles during growth: Growing together with the world's top manufacturers and becoming a leader in the market

Dec, 2003

Note Book fan driving IC successfully entered the Japanese market.